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OEM Chapter 84 Gramps New Course of Action

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A few days later, Grandpa Jun suddenly have the interest to built a tower in the middle of Jun’s family villa, flower viewing courtyard, uprooting countless famed flowers, now stands a towering building with a total of seven floors, then at the top floor he built a outpost, monitoring the surrounding area.

whenever he is free, Grandpa Jun often takes his his subordinates and strolls around nearby officials buildings surrounding the Jun’s family back and forth, you may also hear the sound of horse hoofs and battle cries during late night, training drills!

but all that training don’t matter to Grandpa Jun, within a few days, officials within the surrounding have been shook afraid, soon they couldn’t take it anymore, sold their property and moved out. before anyone could move in, Grandpa Jun released an order to raze all the empty residences to the ground, leaving flat plains.

with nothing else to do, he also made the villas guards follow the regular army training harshly. leaked information coming from the Jun family servants also states, whenever Grandpa Jun have nothing to do, he always drink himself til he is pissed drunk, forgetting his troubles….

at his actions, everyone can empathize, whoever saw a ray hope, then it gets extinguish suddenly, no one can take that feeling. its a good thing that gramps tolerance for alcohol is good, so that he won’t escape and become an alcoholic

in  fact everybody understands…..

already feeling despair and no future for his grandson, then suddenly seeing hope for his grandson turning over a new leaf and repenting. having that speck of hope, and then having been told that your grandson has been killed all of a sudden.

feeling joy from that lingering hope, then extinguished feeling despair, and renewing that hope when you found out that your grandson is still alive, before you can even celebrate that your grandson is alive, you found out that your grandson loss his cultivation and became a disable….. isn’t fate just screwing around with people intentionally? such dramatic twists, even when presented to someone with a strong psych, if they don’t go delirious from this, they are someone to be admired, if this were to happen to me, I would have collapsed a long time ago, can’t even stay sane, or in a better emotional state than grandpa Jun.

poor old thing, being pranked like this by the heavens, not going crazy is already a fortunate news, jokes on him, as long as I don’t get played all is fine, pretty much everybody is thinking the same as the next one down the block, even the emperor have the same mindset.

Within the courtyard of the Jun Family, Jun Moye smiles joyously, and fill a cup of wine for Jun Wuyi, liquor clean as water, fragrant to the nose, clear to see the bottom, letting any that smells it go into a state of intoxication.

Moye, i can’t believe that you have this ability, this wine is really…. peerless without equal! the wine i drank in the past is really just garbage! Jun WuYi took a small sip, and then closed his eyes feeling intoxicated, in the next corner, four muscular martial artists wielding iron hammers, pulling the bellows doing blacksmithing, fiery flames turning silver white in color, letting the metal piece inside burn to a crimson, then taking it out, while their nose sniffs the air fill with the fragrance of the wine, their arms hammering away, their body fill with sweat, but the metal piece doesn’t seem to have any changes occurring to it, its hardness reach unimaginable proportion

Young master said, as long as we hammer this piece of metal to a state that is to his satisfaction, everyone will be rewarded a pot of wine! Gosh, this fine wine, not even the emperor should have tasted it! just this alone allows the four drunkards put their life on the line for their work!

peerless wine? this is just childs play, unless we have to, drinking that damn liquor you call wine everyday is really unbearable! Jun Moye drinks his wine elegantly, closed his eyes, and with interest said third uncle, it is said that the first time grandpa drank this wine, he got drunk?

I heard… he did get drunk, Jun Wuyi frown and said, don’t talk behind your elders back!

uh,,,, Moye rubbed his nose, enjoying the moment, not backing down, he asked, when gramps got drunk, it is said that he also started singing? and he also stick his head in a pan of cooked pork head?

damn brat! looking for a beating? why don’t you shut up about it, why didn’t you say that this wine is this strong. Jun Wuyi said amusingly with displeasure, your grandpa not looking for you for a beatdown is already a good thing, he has to wash his beard for the whole afternoon just to clean it.

oh… Jun moye grinned: grandpas tolerance for alcohol sucks.

lets not discuss this anymore, Jun wuyi feels this topic is is uncomfortable, this is his father they are talking about, how about you? shouldn’t you be preparing as well?

a frown appeared on Jun Moye’s face, he raised his cup and drank like he is drinking to bury his problems, releasing a long sigh.

a few days ago, grandpa jun’s mind is filled with worry, because Jun Moyes Xuan Qi cultivation is too low, and he couldn’t find anyone to spar with him, and he’s worried about information leaks, suddenly he had the bright idea of having Guan QingHan to spar with with Moye! this move began his journey to hell.

in fact this is just to prank his precious grandson, who let him hid his intentions for so many years? definitely needs a beating!

jun moye feels really helpless, facing his sister in law that didn’t get married, he shouldn’t just insta-kill her right? but if he doesn’t subdue her right away, he will be the one taking the beating, even if his art of unlocking heavens fortune is mysterious, he only start cultivating it about 2 months, how could it be a match for guan Qinghan, who started praticing xuan arts when she was young? also she is about to achieve a break though to Silver rank! throwing his skills as killer away, and using his own strength to fight with her, there is no difference because he trained as a killer!

truth to be told, Guan QingHan doesn’t want anything to do with Moye, facing Jun moye makes her really uncomfortable from the heads up to the toes down, but she is reluctant to reject grandpa Juns request, so she came over once, but unexpectedly she got high from this request, abusing this guy, the feeling is just… very comfortable to say

especially when there isn’t anymore lecherous stares from Jun moyes, this which put Guan qinghan on her guard, lowers the uncomfortable feeling coming from moye in the past, also there is another  reason that makes her want to come over, which is the new type of wine that moye brewed with fruits, very sweet, just stronger than the average wine. its taste like just like heaven, you can’t find it outside anywhere! she liked it the moment she drank it.

coming over to give brother in law a beating fanning out her anger, also in the process getting two pot of fine wine as reward, with no consequences, especially when Grandpa Jun is encouraging her to abuse moye more, everyday eight to ten times is not considered enough, now who wouldn’t like this job!

Sigh! Jun moye gave a long sigh, then he suddenly remembers something. third uncle, the herbs for the medicine that i asked you to find, any luck? its already a long time, pretty sure you should be done collecting them?

Jun Wuyi gave sigh, Intestinal cracker flower, Common heart grass, and Persistent severing root. i have collected a good amount, but that Blazing meridian lotus i haven’t have the slightest news about it, now nine leaf grass, this herb is relatively rare, not many people uses it, and not easy to find, just a few days ago i heard that JinXiang trading firm discover three stalks, and they are shipping it to the capital, i sent some people to buy it, but who could have known that it was already brought….

someone brought it? moye suddenly wary, straighten his back, this herb is useless besides healing blocked meridians wounds, but why was it brought at this crucial time, unless this information was leaked, and someone is plotting against my jun family?


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Chapter 83 Relief…

Grandpa Jun face spark a slight smirk, with hand behind his back, he walks outside, once out the door, that happy face of his soon became flat, like the surface of still water, people that saw his face became silent, from what the servant saw,  Gramps face seems empty like the bottom of a pot, young third master’s injury can’t be healed, even if he’s not a disable, it won’t be far away in the future.

Tang Yuan arrive home and reported his trip to Grandpa Tang, Gramps becomes upset instantly, The Jun Family, full of generals and heroes, their sole heir can now only walk the road of a civilian , such a shame.

As for the sudden anger outbreak of Grandpa Jun, Tang Yuan hesitantly explained, Grandpa Tang also became anger,” IDIOT!!! don’t speak of things that you don’t have no knowledge of, Li Shan that bastard, because that year Jun ZhanTian broke his Dantian so he… Scram!!!”

Tang Yuan knows that his bootlicking already wet though and reach the ankle, so he turn his head and ran out.

Not even a day have pass, the Jun’s Family third young master, Jun MoYe’s news have been spread across the capital.

Recently some times ago, there were rumors stating that the capital’s number one debauchery, Jun MoYe, young master Jun turn over a new leaf at home. Every family that heard this news couldn’t believe it, because this rumor is too shocking, even some family started to investigate in secret, investigating the root, Jun MoYe is not scary, he is just a debauchery, but whats scary is that the Jun family will produce a capable heir, now that’s a big problem.

Forward to the present, new information have been spread out, alot people let out a sigh of relief, even letting the information become a joke in a start of a conversion. a debaucherous young master suddenly turn over to a new leaf, and repenting for his actions, then training for a few days, and then injuring himself in the process almost turning himself into a disable, used to have some Xuan Qi cultivation, now all gone, isn’t this the funniest thing in the world?

As for the authenticity of this information, no one suspects a thing, because it came from two sources, the medical checkup results, and Tang Yuan as witness.

The inner courts number one imperial doctor, AKA Mr Death Warding Fang, personally gave Jun MoYe a diagnosis.

Who would suspect? those that suspects are just lying to themselves, these nobiltiy family which doesnt have illness and wounds? Fang HuiSheng is like tresure cove for those that have aliments, once you solidify the relationship with Fang HuiSheng, that’s like gain another life! who dare say anything to the authenice of the Divine Doctor, those who dare, I’m afaid not even half a day will pass, he will be drown in spit.

In due respect, those who can actully mess with the divine doctor’s diagnosis, don’t mention Jun Moye, not even Grandpa Jun have the cultivation to do so.

” Can’t believe that Jun Moye became like this? unbelieveable”. Imperial tutor residence, Li Youran looks at the 3 people across the room, his graceful eyebrows wrinkled a little: Li Feng can you confirm what Divine Doctor Feng said is true?

“I can confirm it!” outside came a horse old voice, imperial tutor Li Shen excitedly came in, facing his grandson, imperial tutor’s face is full of joy ” Jun ZhanTian, you old bastard, you have your days of glory, but your Jun family is destined to decline , at this point, not even inmortals can change that, Jun MoYe walking the civilian life, not to mention, he being a speckle of mud on a wall doesn’t help, even if he is a heavenly genius? you think we will let him have a chance rise up? you should know that all the empires civil service is on our hands!

Li Youran smirked : even grandpa is so sure, then the Jun family is no longer a threat to us?

Li Shan Nodded: so in the near future don’t go angering Jun ZhanTian, this old bastard really will kill people: as he warn Li Youran

Li Youran recently got slapped by Grandpa Jun, then got kicked in public by Grandpa Jun, imperial tutor Li knows that his grandson can hold him self back, but he also know his grandson personality of revenge best served cold, even if he doesn’t say it, and his face doesn’t show it, his heart won’t let this matter go, once a chance arrives, he will strike back, what Li Shan said just then was to persuade Li Youran to drop the idea of revenge.

“Because now, out of everyone in the empire, no one can handle Jun ZhanTian, cause now he’s like a half crazed old Loin! especially now, his majesty is going along with his plan, I repeat do not proved him, also, that night in his anger, he reveal the Jun’s family hidden forces shocking everyone, facing that power, no matter which family, facing them under the sun, heads will be flying, and blood would be spilled, even with the full force of some the weaker families, being genocide by Jun ZhanTian is not that hard of a problem!”

Li Youran slightly moved his eyes, then smirked, “Don’t worry Grandpa, this grandson of your wont go provoking him, but Jun MoYe is a different story, I’ll just play with him occasionally, no harm done right? someone that recently loss his cultivation will indulge himself in sex and wine, and the problems between minors, seniors won’t involve themselves in it”.

Shan laughed” just don’t go overboard”.  the four grandsons nodded

Imperial court, his majesty lean against the throne with a pillow cushioned, slightly closed his eyes, face stilled, Fang Huisheng at his side standing still.

So… Jun Moye can’t be… right? his majesty said after a brief pause.


“yes, according to my diagnosis , it is not faked, Fang Huisheng confidently said, stroking his beard, Jun Moye been a debauchery for too long, if he could calm down, its a good thing for the people”.

” Good thing for the people?” hahaha… the emperor laugh calmly, then he closed his eyes.

“this official excused himself”  Fang bows and then retreats outside.

after he excused himself, the emperor face appear a unconcealed smirk, smiling enjoyably, smiling like everything is at ease.

Grandpa Jun now is like getting 3 months of vacation, to outsiders, he seems to be having a personality change, after this period of strife, he appeared to be dishearten and cold, this sudden turn shocked everyone that he knows, even the emperor send over someone to check up on him.

for examples:

When he walks outside the door, he suddenly shouts:” why is there so many trees in the surrounding? CHOP THEM ALL DOWN! The cliamte changes, and its getting cold, can’t even see the sun anymore! Goddamn it!”

soon the area surrounding the jun family 5-6 li in, doesn’t exist a hint of green.

Then he looks at the walls, also in a fit of rage” why is the wall so short? even a common burglar can jump over and enter at his leisure, increase the height for me!” then the twenty feet wall double in height, then who knows where he got barbed wires from, he then ordered the servants to install five feet high, now even birds have no courage to rest on top…

again, either he grew tired of watching his disable grandson, or he started getting high from do all that construction, he then built 2 more courtyards in his courtyard, same repeating the same process, surrounding it and barbing it, locking his grandson in the middle courtyard, while adjacent on his left is Jun Wuyis courtyard, and to the right is Guan Qinghans.

these two courtyard, its surface area is not small, taking up half the Jun Villa, the other half, Grandpa Jun seized for himself, occasionally you would hear things break from within, even the servants are afraid to speak loudly.




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