Before I get flamed to oblivion

I am happy that people get to continue reading OEM, but please understand this a solo project atm, I won’t be offended, but just to let people know I just started because I love the author’s works, so there’s a limit to a one man army, English is not my first language, chinese is, so whatever translated is what I feel it’s right, if it’s unreadable, I’ll be happy to accept mistakes and correct them, as what I’m facing is grammar problems so editors are welcome, if it’s really unreadable, then please go ahead and enlighten me, please go ahead and translate 3000 characters per chapter, 1266 chapters so that I could understand as well in english, I’ll try to pump out chapters one a day, but for now I’m at work, so I can’t translate(shh I’m hiding in the employee’s bathroom) don’t wanna get caught and be fired, no job can’t pay electric bill, no electric no computer, no computer no translation, will yal support me then lol jkjk we’ll I’ll see if I can pump one out tonight after work. Thanks for understanding. I didn’t get to read a lot the comments but most are positive, I give my thanks to those that supports me, as for those that don’t, I’ll do my best. WON SHAN JIAN( pinyin for see y’all tonight)


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