happy chinese new year

so i see that a lot of people  volunteer as editors, which is a good thing, my english is okay, not bad, enough to communicate, but i don’t work as a english professor, do it at my pace, my initial idea was to release a few chapters to get people aware that OEM will still be continued, but everyone has to help, i’m already seeking help from others about how to fix my wordpress, and arrange menus and etc etc( not a tech savvy guy so bare with me, speaking of there’s a bear i really like in OEM, he will appear soon), as for the emails i’m receiving, ill try to answer everyone, remember this is a free translation, a hobby if you will, i love read books, but i suck at expressing my opinions, currently i’m finishing up 傲世九重天 transcending the nine heavens, why i’m sharing this, because this is also written by brother feng( he likes to be called that) and because i started this cause i love his works

the main point is, anyone is free to pick up where paodao0001 left off, i wouldn’t be here if paodao is still continuing it, there are a lot of others with more experience than me, i don’t mind if you come at me, like what other people told( my opinion actually) “if you got the energy to shout at me, you should have the energy to correct me” i will release drafts of translation to those that wants to edit over email, but do note i’m really busy with my job rl, at most i can only spend 2-3 hours at home on pc, can’t work on phone, no time to play around with it unless i’m stuck in the employees bathroom, now who would let anyone thats working on the job to be slacking in the bathroom just because you got stomach problems(phone) hahah

anyways im taking a break on new years due to family and work, gotta spend time with them, if yal want to edit the chapters, then email it to my email,( hightlight paste easy) ill look over it, then change it, ill also credit those that edit i use, thanks for understanding, and damn so many comments, i need to use some time to look over those as well.


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